94% talk scream run

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94% talk scream run answers

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94% talk scream run all associations
Run, Run away, Shake hands
Scream, Yell, Shout
Take pictures, Take a picture, Take picture, Picture, Take a photo, Photo, Take photo, Pictures, Selfie, Take a selfie, Take a pic, Take photos, Photograph, Take pics
Talk, Say hi, Say hello, Ask questions, Talk to it, Greet, Communicate, Hello, Speak, Talk to them, Question, Welcome, Greet it, Greet them, Ask question, Try to communicate, Introduce myself, Say i come in peace
Faint, Pass out
Call police, Call 911, Police, Call the police, 911, Call for help, Report, Report it, Call cops, Get help, Call the cops, Call fbi

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