94% sleep music bath

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94% sleep music bath answers

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94% sleep music bath all associations
Sleep, Nap, Take a nap, Go to bed
You're supposed to do this for 8 hours a night
Read, Read a book, Book, Read book, Read books
This form of entertainment is often done in the library
Music, Listen to music, Listen music, Play music, Listening to music
It's the universal language
Bath, Shower, Take a bath, Bathe, Bubble bath, Have a bath, Take bath
Some people do this with bubbles, candles and books
Television, Watch tv, Movie, Watch a movie, Movies, Watch movie, Watch movies, Netflix, Watch television, Watch a film
It is sometimes called the "boob tube"
Massage, Spa, Get a massage, Spa day, Go to the spa, Get massage, Go to spa
Types of this include Swedish, Shiatsu and deep tissue
Yoga, Stretch
Types of this include Hatha, Bikram and Vinyasa
Meditate, Meditation
Many people do this in silence using a mantra
Exercise, Walk, Swim, Run, Sport, Take a walk, Go for a walk, Pool
You do this at the gym, outside or at home to get your heartrate up

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