94% sleep music bath

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94% sleep music bath answers

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94% sleep music bath all associations
Doing homework, Homework, School, Home work
Students do this to reinforce a lesson from school
Tying shoes, Shoes, Tie shoes, Shoelaces, Tying their shoes, Tying shoelaces, Shoe laces, Tying laces, Tie shoe, Tying shoe laces
You have to do this so you don't trip over your laces
Dressing, Getting dressed, Dress, Dressed, Get dressed, Dress up, Putting on clothes, Dressing up
Kids have trouble doing this because of the buttons and zippers
Eating, Eat, Cutting food, Cutting up food
You do this when your stomach growls
Cooking, Cook
Sharp knives and hot ovens make this dangerous for kids
Reading, Read
This is something you find people doing in libraries
Bathing, Bath, Showering
It is something you have to do to smell fresh and clean, but it is also relaxing
Brushing teeth, Teeth, Brush teeth, Brushing their teeth
It's something you do to prevent cavities

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