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94% phil house dolittle answers

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94% phil house dolittle all associations
Who, Doctor who, Dr who, Dr. who
This doctor time travels in his TARDIS
Strange, Doctor strange, Dr strange, Dr. strange
This Marvel doctor uses sorcery after losing use of his hands in a car accident
Phil, Dr phil, Doctor phil, Dr. phil, Phill, Dr.phil, Dr phill, Doctor phill
This doctor counsels people on television
House, Dr house, Doctor house, Dr. house, Dr.house, Gregory house
This prickly TV doctor solves medical mysteries and messes with colleagues
Dolittle, Doolittle, Dr doolittle, Dr dolittle, Doctor dolittle, Do little, Doctor doolittle, Dr. doolittle, Doctor do little, Dr doo little, Dr. dolittle
This doctor has the ability to converse with animals
Grey, Meredith grey, Dr grey, Gray, Meredith gray, Dr. gray, Doctor gray, Dr meredith grey
This doctor married doctor McDreamy
Seuss, Dr seuss, Doctor seuss, Dr. seuss
This doctor created colorful characters who talk in rhymes

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