94% money time water

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94% money time water answers

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94% money time water all associations
Mirror, A mirror, Mirrors, Small mirror, Dental mirror, Little mirror
This is what you look in to make sure your hair and outfit look good
Drill, Drills
This is used by construction workers on wood and dentists on teeth
Fingers, Hands, Finger, Hand, Their hands, His fingers, His hands, Their fingers, His hand
People have 10 of these
Water, Hose, Water pick, Water sprayer
71 percent of the Earth's surface is covered by this
Toothbrush, Brush, Tooth brush, Polisher
You use this twice a day to remove plaque from your teeth and gums
Floss, Dental floss
This gets in between teeth for a deeper clean
Filling, Fillings, Filler, Fillers
Dentists put one of these in when you have a cavity
Toothpaste, Paste, Tooth paste, Polish
This is used to clean and wwhiten teeth and makes your breath smell better
Needle, Injection, Shot, Needles, Syringe, Anesthesia, Anesthetic, Anaesthetic, Novocain
This can be used to give a shot or sew clothes
Cotton, Gauze, Cotton wool, Gause, Cotton ball, Cotton balls, Guaze, Cotton buds, Cotton bud, Cotton roll
This fluffy fiber is tricky to pick from the plant

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