94% gross pizza sandwich

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94% gross pizza sandwich answers

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94% gross pizza sandwich all associations
Sandwich, Sandwiches, Peanut butter sandwich, Peanut butter and jelly sandwich, Ham sandwich, Bologna sandwich
Different types include Cuban, BLT and reuben
Originally from Naples, Italy, you can eat a slice of this all over the world
Apple, Apples
One of them a day keeps the doctor away
Gross, Nasty, Bad, Disgusting, Yuck, Yucky
Kids often thing vegetables taste like this
Milk, Chocolate milk, Milk carton
We normally get this from cows
Juice, Juice box, Juicebox
It's a way to get your five a day without chewing
Tray, Trays
It makes it easier to carry plates, drinks and silverware at once
Cafeteria, Canteen
It's where kids get to eat and socialize mid day
Lunch box, Lunchbox, Bag, Box, Brown bag, Paper bag
It's what a parent packs for their child, and the child brings home from school

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