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94% eat relax swim answers

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94% eat relax swim all associations
Mashed, Mash, Smash, Smashed, Mashed potatoes, Mashing, Mash them, Mashed potato
This preparation is soft enough to not have to chew
Fried, Fry, Fries, Chips, French fries, Chip, French fried, Deep fry, Deep fried, Home fries, Frying, French fry, Fried potatoes
This is how many people eat potatoes with their burgers
Baked, Bake, Twice baked, Jacket, Baking, Bake them, Baked potato, Oven baked, Hassleback, Jacket potato, Baked potatoes, Double baked
It's done in the over, sometimes people add butter, sour cream or cheese after
Boiled, Boil, Boiling, Boil them
This requires water at 100°C or 212°F
Roasted, Roast
People often cut vegetables and add oil/butter and seasoning before doing this
Scalloped, Au gratin, Scallop, Augratin, Scaloped, Scallopped
These thinly sliced potatoes are cooked with butter, milk and cheese

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