94% drive paint crash

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94% drive paint crash answers

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94% drive paint crash all associations
Drive, Drive it, Ride it
You have to pass a test and get a license to do this if you want to get around
Wash, Clean, Wash it, Clean it, Detail
This is how you keep people and things looking and smelling nice
Fix, Repair, Fix it, Repair it
You call a mechanic to do this to your car
Paint, Paint it
This can be used on canvas, walls or cars
Crash, Wreck, Smash, Crash it, Wreck it
Slick roads, not paying attention or flat tires can cause this
Change oil, Oil, Oil change, Check oil, Change the oil
You're supposed to do this every 3,000mi/5000km
Wax, Wax it
After washing, you do this to your car to protect the paint
Park, Park it
You do this when you reach your final destination in your car

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