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94% barn milk farm answers

94 barn milk farm

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94% barn milk farm all associations
Cow, Cows, Cattle
We get most of our milk from this animal
Milk, Dairy, Milking
We pour this over cereal or into tea and coffee
Farm, Pasture, Grass, Field, Dairy farm, Meadow, Farming, Fields, Paddock
These are used to raise crops or animals
Man, Farmer, Dairy farmer, Milkman, Farmers, Milk can
According to the Bible, Adam was the first one
Barn, Shed
It's often painted red on farms
Bucket, Buckets, Jug, Jugs, Can, Pail, Cans, Pails, Milk cans, Milk jugs
People use one to carry things or to hold water when cleaning

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