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94% Reasons a baby cries

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94% Reasons a baby cries answers
Hungry, Thirsty, Food, Hunger, Milk, Bottle, Wants food, Its hungry, Wants milk, Needs milk, Needs food
Your stomach usually growls when you feel this way
Dirty diaper, Wet, Diaper, Diaper change, Poop, Wet diaper, Pooped, Full diaper, Bathroom, Dirty, Pee, Needs to be changed, Peed, Poopy, Poo, Poopy diaper, Change diaper, Change, Needs a diaper change, Needs changing, Needs diaper changed, Needs diaper change, Diaper full, Messy diaper, Potty, Soiled diaper, Diaper needs changed, Diaper is full, Need to be changed, Needs changed, Poops, Diaper dirty, Diaper needs changing, Diaper needs to be changed, Need a diaper change, Diaper changed, Diapers, Dirty nappy, Nappy, Nappy change, Need diaper change, Needs a change, Needs a new diaper, Needs new diaper
This is a problem you can usually smell
Tired, Sleepy, Sleep, Its tired
This is what happens when you don't get enough or good quality sleep
Hurt, Teething, Pain, Teeth, In pain, Fell, Got hurt, Gets hurt, Hurt itself, Is hurt
This is how you feel when you're injured physically or emotionally
Attention, Bored, Lonely, Mom, Alone, Wants attention, Wants mom, Wants to be held, Mommy, Lonley, Dad, Wants mommy, Want to be held, Misses mom, Needs attention, No attention, Parents, Wants mother, Wants parent, Miss mom, Wants its mom
People make noise or big gestures when they want this from others
Scared, Afraid, Fear
Monsters, ghosts and the dark make kids feel this way
Sick, Fever, Stomach ache, Tummy ache
You stay in bed and take medicine or visit a doctor when you feel this way

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