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94% A reason you change radio stations

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94% A reason you change radio stations answers
Bad song, Bad music, Music, Song, Dont like the song, Dont like song, Bad songs, Songs, Dislike song, Hate the song, Dont like music, Hate song, Don't like song, Don't like the song, Boring music, Dont like the music, New song, Annoying song, Boring song, Different music, Overplayed, You dont like the song, Better music, Dislike the song, Don’t like the song, Better songs, Not good music, Song you dont like, Rubbish song, Bad artist, Bad genre, No good music, No good songs, Not a good song, Terrible song
It hurts your ears
Commercial, Commercials, Ads, Adverts, Advertisement, Comercials, Advertisements, Comercial, Commerical, Advert, Too many ads, Commericals, Too many commercials, Advertisments, Advertisment
Communicate a brand
Static, Bad signal, No signal, Bad reception, Signal, Bad connection, Reception, Lost signal, Out of range, Fuzzy, Lose signal, Poor reception, Scratchy
It does not move
Talking, Too much talking, No music, Talk show, Talk shows, Presenter, Too much talk, Overplayed song, Annoying dj, To much talking, Talk radio, People talking, Bad dj, Politics, Bad presenter, Annoying host, Talking too much, Annoying voice, Podcast
No interesting debate
News, Weather, Traffic, Sport, Bad news, Listen to news
It gives topicality

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