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94% level 339 answers

94% A job in which you work with kids answers
Teacher, School
He gives classes
Pediatrician, Doctor
Studies the normal psychomotor and physiological development of the child
Babysitter, Nanny
Someone who cares for one or more young children
Daycare, Day care, Nursery
Collective guard of children
Provides preventive, curative or palliative care
Person in charge of the physical and mental preparation of an athlete
Graduate practitioner specialized in dental care and surgery

94% It stinks, but it tastes good answers
Cheese, Bleu cheese, Blue cheese, Camembert
It's a melty topping for pizza, pasta and burgers
Cabbage, Broccoli, Cauliflower
It smells bad cooking and is made in to coleslaw or diet soup
Egg, Egg salad, Eggs
Did this or the chicken come first?
Fish, Salmon, Tuna
It has fins and scales
Onion, Onions
You may cry while dicing this

94% level 339 picture answers

94% level 339 picture answers
New York, City, New york city, NYC, manhattan
City of the United States
Skyscraper, buildings, Building, Skyscrapers, Towers, Tower, bulidings
High-rise residential or office building
River, Water, ocean, Lake, Bay, sea
Stream of low or medium importance
Urban silhouette drawn on the horizon

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