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94% level 337 answers

94% Stick answers
Lip, Lipstick
It's what you kiss with
Pogo, Pogostick
It has pedals and springs for you to jump up and down on
Walking, Walking stick, Walk
It's a less aerobic form of jogging
Chap, Chapstick
It's what happens when your lips are dry, or a slang term for a man
Glue, Glue stick
It's an adhesive
Hockey, Field hockey, Hockey stick
It's a team sport played on ice or land
Match, Matchstick
You strike it to start a fire
Chop, Chopstick
It's a synonym for cut or dice
Broom, Broomstick
Cleaners use them, witches ride them
Drum, Drumstick
Types include snare, base and bongo

94% Something you spray on answers
Perfume, Cologne, Body spray, Aftershave, Body mist
It's what you wear to smell good
Hairspray, Hair spray, Hair
It's what you spray on to hold your updo in place
Sunscreen, Sun screen, Sunblock, Suntan lotion, Sun block, Sun tan lotion, Tanning oil, Tanning lotion
You spray it on to stop from burning at the beach
Deodorant, Deoderant, Deodrant, Deodarant
It stops body odor
Tan, Fake tan, Spray tan, Tanner, Tanning spray, Spraytan, Self tan
If you don't get a good one, you look orange
Bug repellent, Bug spray, Bugspray, Bugs, Insect repellent, Bug repellant, Insect repellant, Repellent, Mosquito repellent, Mosquito spray, Bug repelent, Bugs spray
It keeps you from getting bitten or stung
Paint, Spray paint, Spraypaint
It's used for graffiti
Cooking spray, Oil, Pam, Cooking oil, Fry light, Nonstick spray
You spray this on so your omelet doesn't stick to the pan

94% level 337 picture answers

94% level 337 picture answers
Dandelion, Flower, Dandilion, Dandylion, Dandellion, Dandalion, Dandlion, Dandelions
You make a wish before blowing its petals away
Blow, Blowing
It's what you do to cool food, play a trumpet or make a bubble
Wish, Wishes, Make a wish, Luck, Hope, Wishing
You do this upon a shooting star
Sunglasses, Glasses, Sun glasses, Sunnies
You wear them so you don't have to squint outside

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