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94% level 315 answers

94% A place that's more crowded right after work answers
Road, Highway, Roads, Street, Streets, Freeway, Traffic, Motorway, Highways, Interstate, The road, The roads, Motorways, Motor way
Cars, pedestrians and bicycles share this to get around
Bar, Pub, Bars, Pubs
It's where people go for a cocktail or beer
Store, Grocery store, Mall, Shops, Supermarket, Shop, Stores, Market, Grocery, Walmart, Shopping centre, Malls, Grocery stores, Shopping mall, Supermarkets
It's where people exchange money for goods in person
Restaurant, Cafe, Restaurants, Fast food, McDonalds
It's where you go when you're hungry and don't want to cook
Train, Subway, Train station, Metro, Tube, Trains, Tram, Underground, Railway station
It uses rails to transport people and goods quickly across cities and countries
Bus, Bus stop, Bus station, Buses
Kids ride this to school every day, adults in cities take it to work
Gym, Fitness studio
It's where you go to increase your muscle mass and heart rate

94% A place where you normally don't wear shoes answers
Beach, Sea, Ocean, The beach
It's where the sea meets the sand
Pool, Swimming pool, Pools
You go in this to do the freestyle, butterfly or breaststroke
Shower, Bath, Bathtub
You hope you have enough hot water and soap in this
Bed, In bed
It's where you are supposed to spend 8 hours a night
Mosque, Temple, Church, Temples
It's where people go to worship
Yoga, Yoga class, Yoga studio
It's a physical, mental, and spiritual practice originating from India

94% level 315 picture answers

94% level 315 picture answers
Tent, Fort, Teepee
It's your humble abode when camping
Book, Story, Bedtime story, Bed time story, Storybook, Story book
It's entertainment without light or sound
Daughter, Girl, Child, Kid
Female offspring
Mother, Mom, Mum, Mommy, Mummy, Mam, Mama
Female parent
Read, Reading, Storytelling, Story telling
You learn to do this phonetically as a child to enjoy books
Light, Lights, Flashlight, Night light, Torch, Nightlight
It helps you see inside and outside

Answers in game can sometimes change, and it means that you play the old version, in that case simply update the version of 94% game.

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