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94% level 290 answers

94% Something you buy to prepare for a storm answers
Food, Bread, Canned food, Canned goods, Soup, Can food, Tinned food, Foods
It's our fuel, and for some people it is a passion
Water, Bottled water, Water bottles
71% of the Earth is covered by this
Flashlight, Flashlights, Torch, Flash light, Flash lights, Lanterns, Torches
People bring these camping for light, or use them when the power goes out
Battery, Batteries
Most remotes, smoke detectors and cars need one
It is bad luck to open one of these inside
Candle, Candles
It can be used for light, to set a romantic mood, or as decoration
Boots, Rain boots, Wellies, Rainboots, Gumboots, Wellingtons, Rubber boots, Gum boots
These shoes keep your feet warm and dry when hiking, working or in a storm
It's backup power when the electricity is out

94% There are 12 answers
Eggs, egg, eggs in a dozen, dozen eggs, eggs in a carton
Which came first, the chicken or these?
Months, months in a year, month, months of the year
On a normal year, these have either 28, 30 or 31 days
Days of Christmas, christmas, days of xmas, 12 days of christmas, days till Christmas
There is a song about these that involves a partridge in a pear tree
Doughnuts, donuts, donut
This sweet treat is often eaten for breakfast and can have glaze or sprinkles
Hours, hours on a clock, hours in half a day
There are 60 minutes in each of these
Roses, Flowers
It looks and smells beautiful, but can prick you with its thorns

94% level 290 picture answers

94% level 290 picture answers
Pirate, Pirates
These swashbucklers are looking for treasure
Play, Pretend, Fun, Playing, Dress up, Make believe, Playtime, Play time, Role play, Roleplay, Make-believe, Roll play
Kids get together to do this with toys and/or imaginations
Kid, Kids, Children, Boys, Boy, Girl, Siblings, Child, Friends, Brothers, Childhood
Sword, Swords, Wooden sword
It's used by samurais, pirates and fencers
Eye patch, Eyepatch, Patch
Pirates and people with vision impairments may wear this to isolate one eye
Hat, Pirate hat, Hats
Chefs, cowboys and baseball players wear one

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