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94% level 283 answers

94% A famous real or fictional doctor answers
Who, Doctor who, Dr who, Dr. who
This doctor time travels in his TARDIS
Strange, Doctor strange, Dr strange, Dr. strange
This Marvel doctor uses sorcery after losing use of his hands in a car accident
Phil, Dr phil, Doctor phil, Dr. phil, Phill, Dr.phil, Dr phill, Doctor phill
This doctor counsels people on television
House, Dr house, Doctor house, Dr. house, Dr.house, Gregory house
This prickly TV doctor solves medical mysteries and messes with colleagues
Dolittle, Doolittle, Dr doolittle, Dr dolittle, Doctor dolittle, Do little, Doctor doolittle, Dr. doolittle, Doctor do little, Dr doo little, Dr. dolittle
This doctor has the ability to converse with animals
Grey, Meredith grey, Dr grey, Gray, Meredith gray, Dr. gray, Doctor gray, Dr meredith grey
This doctor married doctor McDreamy
Seuss, Dr seuss, Doctor seuss, Dr. seuss
This doctor created colorful characters who talk in rhymes

94% A job for which you wear a hat answers
Construction worker, Construction, Builder, Carpenter, Building, Constuction
This person uses drills, hammers, nails and wood at work
Police officer, Police, Policeman, Cop, Police man
He or she protects and serves
Firefighter, Fireman, Fire fighter, Firemen, Fire man
He or she arrives in a big red truck with ladders
Chef, Cook
Jacques P├ępin, Julia Child and Gordon Ramsay are famous ones
Cowboy, Cowgirl
This person wears boots and carries a lasso at work
He or she works at 30,000 feet

94% level 283 picture answers

94% level 283 picture answers
Bread, Toast
Most cultures have a version of this - baguettes, naan and pitas for example
Burnt, Burn, Burned
This is what happens to bread then the toaster is too hot
Sad, Frown, Mad, Angry
You frown when you feel this way
Happy, Smile, Smiley, Funny, Smileys
You smile when you feel this way
Face, Faces
It's made up of your nose, eyes and mouth
Man, Guy
According to the Bible, Adam was the first one
It pops its contents in the air when it's finished

Answers in game can sometimes change, and it means that you play the old version, in that case simply update the version of 94% game.

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