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94% level 281 answers

94% A character who wears a mask answers
Batman, Bat man
His real name is Bruce Wayne
Spider-Man, Spiderman, Spider man
His real name is Peter Parker
Iron Man, Ironman
His real name is Tony Stark
Zorro, Zoro
This sword fighter's real name is Don Diego de la Vega
He's Batman's sidekick
The Flash, Flash
This super speedy hero's real name is Barry Allen

94% A canned food you always have in the pantry answers
Beans, Green beans, Baked beans, Bean, Greenbeans, Chickpeas, String beans, Kidney beans, Refried beans, Chili beans, Green bean, Canned beans
Different types include kidney and lima
Corn, Sweetcorn, Sweet corn, Canned corn
This is eaten on the cobb at barbecues
Soup, Tomato soup, Chicken noodle soup, Cream of mushroom, Chicken soup, Soups, Mushroom soup
Different varieties include minestrone, lentil and Italian wedding
Tuna, Tuna fish
This lunchtime favorite is usually mixed with mayonnaise for a sandwich
Tomatoes, Tomato, Tomato sauce, Tomato paste, Diced tomatoes, Canned tomatoes, Chopped tomatoes
Most people think this red fruit is a vegetable
Similar people are said to be two of these in a pod
Pasta, Spaghetti, Ravioli, Noodles
This is a staple of Italian cuisine, often eaten with a red sauce

94% level 281 picture answers

94% level 281 picture answers
Accident, Crash, Wreck
This is something that happens without planning or intent
Car, Fiat
It replaced horse and carriages as daily transportation
Upside down, Flip, Flipped, Upsidedown, Rollover, Roll over, Flipped over
It's the opposite of right side up
Road, Street, Highway
This is what cars drive on
Injury, Death, Hurt, Dead, Injured, Pain, Injuries
This is what people suffer from accidents or violence
Cone, Traffic cone
It helps guide drivers where to drive during road work
Wheel, Wheels, Tires, Tire, Tyres
There are four of these on a car and two on a bike

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