On this page we collected for you 94% level 279 answers, cheats, walkthroughs and solutions. As usual each level comprises three sublevels one of which contains picture question. At each level you should find many words and synonyms to collect the necessary number of percent. Happens that levels at all players go in a different order and the 279 level at one player can differ from 279 level of other player. In that case we recommend you go to the page 94% cheats and find the necessary answer. If you can't find proper words simply use our 94% level 279 answers and add this page to bookmarks.

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94% level 279 answers

94% A lucky charm answers
Four-leaf clover, Clover, 4 leaf clover, Shamrock, Four leaf clover, Four leafed clover, 4-leaf clover, Four leaved clover
Rabbit's foot, Rabbits foot, Rabbit foot
Horseshoe, Horse shoe
Coin, Penny, Lucky penny, Heads up penny, Coins, Gold coin

94% It wakes you up in the middle of the night answers
Animal, Pet, Dog, Cat, Pets, Barking, Dogs, Animals, Dog barking, Cats, Dog bark, Dogs barking, Bark, Barking dog, Barking dogs
Nightmare, Dream, Nightmares, Bad dream, Dreams, Bad dreams
Baby, Kids, Child, Children, Babies, Baby crying, Crying baby, Baby cry, Child crying
Alarm, Clock, Fire alarm, Car alarm, Alarm clock, Alarms, Smoke alarm, Smoke detector, Car alarms, House alarm
Storm, Thunder, Rain, Lightning, Storms, Weather, Thunderstorm
Bathroom, Pee, Toilet, Bladder, Need to pee, Have to pee, Having to pee, Needing the toilet, Wee, Needing to pee, Washroom, Bathroom break, Peeing, Needing a wee
Phone, Phone call, Text, Phone ringing, Mobile
Snoring, Snore

94% level 279 picture answers

94% level 279 picture answers
Piggy bank, Pig, Bank, Piggybank, Piggy, Money box, Piggie bank, Money bank, Money pig, Pig bank, Moneybank, Penny bank
Coin, Coins, Money, Change, Pennies, Penny, Cents
Hand, Hands
Save, Savings, Saving, Economy, Saving up, Budgeting
Stop, Protect, Block, Prevent, Stopping, Crack, Protection, Blocking, Protecting
Break, Smash, Hit, Broke, Destroy, Shatter, Breaking, Bang

Answers in game can sometimes change, and it means that you play the old version, in that case simply update the version of 94% game.

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